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The way Brandon Kee has worked with volume almost always results in pieces that could be incorporated into a modest head-to-toe look. We expect something new each fashion season, so hemlines and necklines rise and fall, silhouettes come in and out of vogue. It’s possible that Muslim-appropriate garments on the racks may be a side product of this churn. But I can’t help thinking that modesty is spreading because of the tremendous style success of young Muslim women, like the ones who have taught me so much about pious fashion. They look covered and cool. Pious and modern. Their sartorial savvy is at least one reason why women are being told midi skirts and turtlenecks are wardrobe essentials for the fall. Elizabeth Bucar is an associate professor of religious studies at Northeastern University in Boston. She is the author of, among other books, the just-published “Pious Fashion: How Muslim Women Dress.” Legendary musician Tom Petty died Monday after being rushed to the hospital after a cardiac arrest. He at 66. Legendary musician Tom Petty died Monday after being rushed to the hospital after a cardiac arrest.

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2017 exit poll is projected onto BBC Broadcasting House Under first-past-the-post (FPTP), the candidate who receives the most votes in a local constituency wins a seat in the House of Commons. This means the number of seats each political party wins does not reflect its share of the vote nationally - in 2015, UKIP picked up 3.9m votes but only won one seat. Under proportional representation (PR), parties' seats in parliament would be allocated in proportion to the number of votes cast for them. Image caption The government argues that the current voting system is easily understood and provides a clear link between MPs and their constituents The e-petition argues that the current system makes Parliament "unrepresentative". The Electoral Reform Society, which campaigns for change, says the argument that FPTP brings decisive results has been undermined by recent elections and points out that proportional systems are used in the Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly. 1910: Royal Commission recommends the Alternative Vote system be adopted for elections to the Commons, although some argue for the Single Transferable Vote (STV) 1918: MPs reject STV in a free vote but back AV for rural, single member seats. The changes are blocked by the House of Lords 1931: Minority Labour government attempts to introduce AV in a third of constituencies but loses power before it can become law, after which electoral reform becomes a cause mostly associated with the Liberal Party 1998: The Jenkins Commission recommends a proportional system should replace FPTP in Westminster elections 1998: Northern Ireland Assembly formed - members elected under Single Transferable Vote system, a form of PR 1999: Britons switch to the "closed party list" PR system to elect members of the European Parliament, having previously used FPTP 1999: First elections to Holyrood and Welsh Assembly using "additional member" system - FPTP constituencies and seats filled proportionally from regional party lists 2007: STV introduced for Scottish local elections 2011: AV referendum - 19m voters - 68% of those who took part - reject bid to switch to new system The Electoral Reform Society says the 2011 referendum should not be seen as a rejection of proportional representation - as PR was not offered as an option. Instead the referendum offered voters a choice between keeping the current system or switching to the Alternative Vote - under which voters could rank candidates in order of preference, and these preferences could be used to decide the outcome in places where no candidate wins more than 50% of votes cast. But in its response, the government says it has "no plans" to change the voting system and the 2011 referendum produced a "clear result" in which "the public voted overwhelmingly in favour of keeping the FPTP system".

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