Obtaining The Answers For Uncomplicated Systems For Bags

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Location: Working in London, living in Essex Paycheque amount per month: I get paid every two weeks – if I got paid monthly it would be around £1,300 after tax Housing costs: £80 a month to my mum. I am very lucky that my parents do not charge me a lot for rent. So £80 basically covers everything for me, including food and living, etc. Loan payments: I haven’t been to uni so don’t have anything to pay off or have a credit card yet! Utilities: £0 as I am still living at home, this is down to my parents to deal with. Transportation: £16.55 for my train return so £82.75 a week (thank GOD for the 16-25 railcard!). I pay roughly £25/30 a month for petrol as I do not drive a lot. Phone bill: Thankfully my parents still pay for my phone bill – until my upgrade in December, then it’s all down to me. Health insurance: £0? I don’t think I pay for health insurance, my parents probably do though. Savings: I transfer £100 to a savings account for car insurance, which I pay annually, and £50 a month into a savings account for holiday funds.

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