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Making Fashion Sustainable: Small Business Interview Series with Swapaholic

Making Fashion Sustainable: Small Business Interview Series with Swapaholic This can largely be attributed to wasteful production and consumption patterns. In fact, the quantum of wasteful production can be measured by fast fashion’s 52 micro-seasons – this effectively means that new fashion items are produced almost every week! And to understand the wasteful consumption mindset, it is shocking to learn that the average women utilises only 20% to 30% of her closet’s capacity! Swapaholic exists to break this vicious cycle of over production and consumption. I was shocked to learn of the colossal environmental and social hazards that exist through the textile lifecycle as late as 2015. Being from a fairly exposed and well educated background, it came as a surprise that someone like me me was unaware such an important fact. As a former “shopaholic”, this epiphany hit me very hard making me question a lot of my consumption patterns. Whilst pursuing a Certificate from Harvard Extension School in Sustainability and a parallel Masters Degree in Strategic Design Management from Parsons, I began to study the industry and quickly learnt that there were many others like me who were shielded from this knowledge. Through extensive research and adoption of design thinking methodologies, I came to the conclusion that the textile industry’s issues can be solved by a 4-pillar approach: building awareness, providing sustainable options, optimising the excess and recycling the unusable. Swapaholic targets the third pillar.

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The members of the #CPEC cabinet committee are #FM Shah Mehmood, Minister for Law Naseem, Minister for Finance Asad Umar, Minister for Petroleum Ghulam Sarwar, Minister for Railway Sheikh Rashid and PM's advisers on Commerce, Textile & Industry. …